Energy Shifts

Originally titled “synth beat, kinda sick,” this track layers seven recordings of percussion and tonal sounds produced by a simple patch on the Korg MS-20 Mini. I patched the synthesizer as a drum kit based roughly on the settings in this tutorial:


I used overdrive and two different tape delays, both from Logic Pro X’s pedalboard plugin. Specifically, these pedals are “All Tube” (overdrive), “Funky Old Tape Delay” and “Warm Quarter Note Tape Delay.” The first produces an interesting sound texture and the latter two create the echoes of a couple percussion layers and the single tone heard throughout. The tones heard throughout are G natural, F natural, and D natural. The tones of the second track layered on top and played in-between are F natural, D#, and C natural, the first three tones of the C major blues scale.

Though the percussion sounds here are satisfying enough, I plan on working with enhanced textures by using patches to create specific sounds from different parts of a drum kit. The tutorial above is an excellent introduction to drum sounds on the MS-20 Mini, but there are many other patches that produce a variety of other drum sounds.

The image accompanying the piece is a photograph I took of an empty car on the Chicago L Purple Line as it approached the Davis stop in Evanston.


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