Not Even the Rain / Sound Check

"Not Even the Rain" is the first piece I tried composing for a piano and string instrument, and quickly developed from a simple duet into a series of sound manipulations. The original score was prepared for Linda Wogulis to play bass and accompany myself on the piano, though these sounds together were later recorded separately … Continue reading Not Even the Rain / Sound Check



I button my coat and step outside, leaving room between my gloves for a handshake. Here, no one. One of the street lamps standing at the edge of the lawn colors everything yellow except the night it won’t let you see: stars, moon, cadence, motion. Si j’ai des rêves ills sont pour l’amour ou la mort, … Continue reading Home


Because I knew Mama's garden's roses, I knew all roses. They (all) were white ones and pink ones, maybe florescent too if my eyes were young enough. Of course I'd ask if I could eat them (because they were so pretty). Were they dangerous? She says no, but they are bitter; better take them with our … Continue reading Roses

Faithful Parcel (Charlie Passarell, drums) Charlie Passarell and I have known each other since high school and have only recently started to play together after developing a considerable friendship that withstood the different trajectories our lives took over the years. Over these years he's become an impressive and talented drummer, and offered me the first chance to pair synthesizer … Continue reading Faithful Parcel (Charlie Passarell, drums)