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Not Even the Rain / Sound Check

“Not Even the Rain” is the first piece I tried composing for a piano and string instrument, and quickly developed from a simple duet into a series of sound manipulations. The original score was prepared for Linda Wogulis to play … Continue reading

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In the Trees (solo prepared piano)

“In the Trees” has been a song-in-progress for some time, which emerged in part from the music in “If there is an ocean it is here.” I’m in the process of composing a longer version of “In the Trees” that … Continue reading

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Ode to Jimmy

Hey now here’s Jimmy, the fellow who says he’d live in the last line of a Dickinson poem if the publisher had some extra space. Jimmy’s blank as book paper. You see now Jimmy here’s a mirror for the world, … Continue reading

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I imagine that standing on ledges is a little like watching white smoke and smelling tire rubber if you’re not sure where they came from.

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I button my coat and step outside, leaving room between my gloves for a handshake. Here, no one. One of the street lamps standing at the edge of the lawn colors everything yellow except the night it won’t let you … Continue reading

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Because I knew Mama’s garden’s roses, I knew all roses. They (all) were white ones and pink ones, maybe florescent too if my eyes were young enough. Of course I’d ask if I could eat them (because they were so pretty). … Continue reading

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Faithful Parcel (Charlie Passarell, drums)

Charlie Passarell and I have known each other since high school and have only recently started to play together after developing a considerable friendship that withstood the different trajectories our lives took over the years. Over these years he’s become … Continue reading

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