Noyes Music

I spent the last month living near a street called Noyes, where life has a tendency to unfold in pleasant terms. I lived in a house of kind creatives, all of whom were musicians, with the exception of one kind and talented writer who lived above me. The success of any artistic pursuit is grounded in dedication to practicing the craft, so living in a community that’s always intentional about continuing to develop their work creates a sort of feedback loop of impetus to continue on one’s own.

This is a collection of work from that period. Six of the seven pieces were recorded in June while the remaining recording, You Got the Love I Need, was finished in late May, shortly before returning to Sacramento for a brief period (where I recorded Home Recordings). Other than You Got the Love I Need, the music is presented in chronological order.


Sharp Focus makes use of a stereo delay on the keyboard.

Pulled by the Collar draws its title from a poem I posted here a few weeks ago, Feeling Blue in San Francisco.

Long Distance and Active Step are played with Charlie Passarell, a close friend of mine who I’ve collaborated with before in Songs from Sacramento (Faithful, Parcel and Jazz Duet) and Home Recordings (Percussion Instruments). The drum tracks in these two songs were recorded in Sacramento and are from the same session as the drum track in Percussion Instruments. Long Distance in particular stands out for Charlie’s drum solo, bookended by my playing the keyboard.

Elevated Tracks is an improvisation from around 5 in the morning, just as the Purple Line begins running in Evanston. My house was situated such that I could watch the train pass from the vantage point of my keyboard, which occupied my vision when I played this.

You Got the Love I Need is a remix of a 45 I found at a closing record store in Sacramento and manipulated largely through physical and analog means, and is accompanied briefly by a synthesizer.

So Long, 2211 was played on a drum machine with synthesizer accompaniment.


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